Digital Workers do more work in less time

ARYA have a wide range of capabilities from doing simple accounting transactions to preparing complex management reports

ARYA can handle all your white collar assignments


Hi, I'm Arya!

I am a "Digital Employee" developed by artificial intelligence. I can work in every unit of the company, 24/7, without getting tired and without making mistakes. 


Do you want to know me better?

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The most cost efficient way of expanding your team

Arya is a highly skilled worker that you can add to your team without insurance charges, withholding tax, compensation, transportation, and food expenses. 

With ARYA you always get the right candidate

It can be a challenging and long procedure to find the right person to fit into the right job. 

We strive to make that process easier for you.


ARYA is available for over three hundred jobs - both skilled and unskilled and can handle both simple and complex tasks.


If ARYA had a resume, the key words for describing ARYA in a work envoirment would be: independent, result-oriented and analytical thinking.

Furthermore ARYA uses all computer programs (SAP, IFS, Logo, Netsis, Login, Mikro etc.) at a professional level, fast and without errors.

One of the most challenging tasks of human resources is to put the right person in the right job.  Arya has many different competencies such as owning the job, result-oriented work, attention, analytical thinking, which are expected from a human employee.  It uses all computer programs (SAP, IFS, Logo, Netsis, Login, Mikro etc.) at a professional level without errors and fast.

Let the digital workers do the work!

With digital workers you don't have to wait months for them to learn how to do the job in the right and most effecient way. ARYA learns 100% of the business in a few days. 

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Get more work done in less time

How many days would you like a month's work to do without overtime?
Arya does a month-long job in seven days without fail. Increase your income with the time savings you will achieve.

Hisse senetleri

Avoid missing opportunities

When you transfer your team's daily repetitive task to ARYA, you are also giving your employees more time to focus. An office environment where the employees have time to think makes it easier for new ideas or business oppurtunities.

Empower Your Teams with ARYA Digital Employee

What are some of the things, that ARYA can do?

  • Open and organize the files in your e-mails.

  • Manage all kinds of platforms and programs.

  • Prepare and analyze the reports that you need.

  • Enter corporate accounts, organize structural documents and perform official transactions.

  • Follow defined risks and warns about inconsistencies.

  • Solve defined optimization problems.

  • Conduct research and give you access to the most up-to-date information.

  • Create newsletters and make your periodic shares.

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Companies That Are Happy by Hiring Arya

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How to Hire Arya?

Arya is an artificial intelligence technology that does not require installation, developed according to a remote and flexible working system. You can easily hire Arya and have them work as much as you need. Sign up and try the Beta version.