Digital Workers are able to accomplish more tasks in much less time 

ARYA is an accountant who sometimes performs simple accounting transactions and sometimes an expert who prepares complex management reports.

Arya now takes on all white collar duties.

Hi, I'm Arya!

I am a "Digital Employee" developed by artificial intelligence that can work in any job in any unit.
I am the favorite employee of human teams who can work 24/7, does not get tired, does not make mistakes, and takes charge in every unit.
Do not pay master's fees for software technologies!
Run as long as you need
Pay as you work.

Do you want to know me better?

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The most economical way to grow your team

Arya is a highly skilled employee that you can add to your team without insurance charges, withholding, overtime pay, compensation, transportation, and food expenses. Grow your working staff with Arya.

Get talented employees

One of the most challenging tasks of human resources is to put the right person in the right job.

Arya has many different competencies expected from human employees such as owning work, result-oriented work, attention, analytical thinking.

It uses all computer programs (SAP, IFS, Logo, Netsis, Login, Mikro etc.) at a professional level, without errors and quickly.

Available for over three hundred jobs, skilled or unskilled, from a simple accountant job to a demanding professional job, from a routine sales support job to a complex planner job. Your team is also waiting for your invitation to join.

One of the most challenging tasks of human resources is to put the right person in the right job.  Arya has many different competencies such as owning the job, result-oriented work, attention, analytical thinking, which are expected from a human employee.  It uses all computer programs (SAP, IFS, Logo, Netsis, Login, Mikro etc.) at a professional level without errors and fast.

Let the digital workers do the work!

Arya's orientation time to work is rapid. You don't have to wait for months to learn the job to get efficiency from digital workers. Arya learns 100% of the business in a few days and works without mistakes.

İş planı digital secrum agile arya

Get more work done in less time

How many days would you like a month's work to do without overtime? Arya does a month-long job in seven days without fail. Increase your income with the time savings you will achieve. 

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Avoid missing opportunities

Competitive advantage can only be achieved by a team that is fully focused on its business. Transfer your team's daily repetitive tasks to Arya. Let your team have enough time to develop new business opportunities.

Empower Your Teams with Arya Digital Employee

Arya Digital Employees quickly adapts to your team's demand for change.

He does the long, tiring and scary work for them that stresses out your team.

It gives the team time to develop new business opportunities that will enable them to gain an edge over their competitors.

  • It opens, organizes, archives and informs the files in your e-mails.

  • It can use all kinds of platforms and programs.

  • Prepares and analyzes the reports you need.

  • Enters corporate accounts, organizes structural documents, performs official transactions.

  • Follows defined risks and warns about inconsistencies.

  • Solves defined optimization problems.

  • It conducts research and gives you access to the most up-to-date information.

  • It creates newsletters and makes your periodic shares.

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How Arya Makes Your Job Easier?

How Arya Makes Your Job Easier rpa

Arya easily adapts to the working environment and changes,

make no mistake,

It provides standardization,

Moves personal memory to corporate memory

Can work non-stop,

Learns processes very quickly, never forgets,

Can make the necessary calculations in different engineering disciplines.

Arya learns the job given to her completely.

Makes it work flow. It doesn't make assumptions. It saves the situations it encounters for the first time as an exception.

It continues with the approval.

None of the human-specific error factors such as lack of attention, fatigue and inadequacy are in question for Arya.

He always completes the works on time and in a perfect way.

Companies That Are Happy by Hiring Arya

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How to Hire Arya?

Arya is an artificial intelligence technology that does not require installation, developed according to a remote and flexible working system. You can easily hire Arya and have them work as much as you need. Sign up and try the Beta version.