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Strengthen Your Financial Affairs Unit with Arya Digital Finance and Accountant

Digital Accountant Arya

Arya, what you expect from an accountant and accounting expert; You can use your employees in more qualified jobs while performing all your defined works such as income and expense invoice records, e-statements, tax transactions and collection monitoring.

Digital Finance Employee Arya

Arya records, notifies and tracks your money movements. It provides simultaneous access to information by using all your utilities integrated with ERP.

Digital Cost Specialist Arya

Cost preparation is a time-consuming and arduous task. While Arya prepares your costs for you, you can take cost-reducing measures.

Digital Budget
Specialist Arya

While Arya Digital Budget Specialist manages your budget files and approval process for you, you can create an opportunity to create and develop suggestions for more effective budget management.

Frequently asked questions about digital employee Arya

What Programs Can Arya Use?

Arya uses all computer programs very well.

Apart from ERPs such as SAP, IFS, CANIAS, Login, Netsis, Logo, Mikro, Harmoni, Sentez, which are generally used in financial affairs units, it uses programs such as luka, summit, akınsoft etc. intensively.

It is easy and fast for ARYA to learn and use a special software that is not known to the enterprise.

It equips Office programs, and especially excel, with extremely complex formulas.

How fast does Arya work?

The infrastructure of the systems used in your business determines the speed of Arya.

It is on average four times faster than a human.

In enterprises with a strong system and infrastructure, the speed rises more than ten times.

Arya doesn't need a break. Since it works without a break, there is no lost time.

With Arya, it is now possible to complete many tasks before the morning shift by working at night for time-consuming operations.

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What jobs can we delegate to Arya?

Considering the Finance, Accounting and Budget processes in financial affairs units, there are nearly four hundred different jobs.

Arya can take part in all jobs in the financial affairs unit, provided that it is not handwritten.

For this, the only thing Arya will need is to define a password for the programs she will use as a human employee and to have an e-mail for the transactions that need to be communicated by mail.

Arya is like an accountant;

It performs invoice transactions, SGK, İşkur and other official institution notifications, BA-BS, current reconciliations, tax works without errors and forgetting

Performs all the controls expected from the accounting specialist and prepares the requested reports

Expected from the finance person;

Collection reminders, current debt monitoring, bank transaction records, records of pos, credit card, etc. transactions, cloud collection, e-invoice integrator transactions, creating records related to the changing status of the business

Expected from finance experts;

all expected reports such as compliance of all bank interruption controls, income expense reports and expense analysis,

expected from the budget specialist; monitors and reports the expenditure control and approval processes and creates the detailed cost analysis and reports expected from the cost experts.

Arya also provides reports that are not possible for some ERPs that are difficult and time-consuming to prepare in digital ERP systems.

You can use message, mail or whatsapp for all kinds of reminders about the customers.

Can Arya also use Global Invoice Tracking and Recording Systems?

Arya can use all invoice recording systems.

It also adapts immediately to the periodic changes of these web-based systems.

The collection return rate of Serengeti customers, who are busy in many countries, is therefore extremely high.

The systems that it currently uses heavily;

​ ​

Anaqua, Ariba, Ascent, Cloud, Collaborati, Corridor, CounselGO, Counsellink, Crossinx, Dannemann, Datacert, Finance Tracker, Fish&Richardson, Onit, Quavant, Serengeti, Seyfarth, Shaw, Tymetrix.

When it encounters a new system, it takes half a day to learn it.


With Arya, Digital Accounting Personnel, our invoices started to be prepared error-free and on time. Arya made it easier for us to provide fast and accurate service to our customers by checking our contracts before issuing our invoices.

Havva Ekim, Muhasebe Uzmanı

How to Hire Arya?

Arya is an artificial intelligence technology that does not require installation, developed according to a remote and flexible working system. You can easily hire Arya and have them work as much as you need. Sign up and try the Beta version. 

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