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All your official and mandatory registrations

Complete, error-free and fast entry is very easy with ARYA

Don't Waste Anymore for HAYBIS Logins

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Arya Frees You From System Waits

When performing web-based transactions,

There are frequent interruptions or waits due to internet connections or web pages.

Because of these waits, the time of our human employees is wasted.

The process becomes inefficient, our cost increases

Similar problems are experienced in logins to the HAYBIS system.

Arya manages these expectations patiently.

It constantly refreshes the system, changes ports.

It notifies you when the system is turned on and resumes re-login.

How Does Arya HAYBIS Bot Work?

HAYBİSBOT first receives the file containing the milk records from the cooperatives by mail, the information received is T.R., tax number, etc. controls the information.

It is connected to the HAYBIS system.

It creates the invoice records, then the receipt records. Makes the selection of the relevant cooperatives, enters the milk quantities of the producer and completes the registration process. When the cooperative completes its registration, it draws a report from the HAYBIS website. Thanks to the HAYBIS report, it double-sidedly checks the information in the Excel file sent by mail. In this way, I make sure that the data entries are correct by controlling whether there are any excess or missing records, whether there is a problem with the amounts. When all the cooperative records are finished, it creates a new report for the union and informs them by sending an e-mail to my teammates.

How Arya HAYBIS Bot Makes Your Job Easier?

ARYA keeps data 100% safe.

It prevents the given information from being viewed, examined or used for any other purpose.

It receives the data to be used, ensures that it is processed by passing the desired controls, and provides you with a report on the result on the basis of the producer.

It warns the relevant managers for technical errors or maintenance works encountered in the systems used.

When the errors originating from the other party are eliminated, the process continues from where it left off.

Continue your process by quickly adapting to any changes in the programs used.

In case of a contrary situation, it informs the relevant manager.

For radical changes originating from the web, it is fixed by the team responsible for ARYA within 48 hours at the latest.

The data to be entered is sent to ARYA's e-mail with excel.

ARYA performs the conformity check of all incoming data.

Sending the report prepared for the inaccurate or missing data to the relevant manager completes the said records when corrections are made.

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You Monitor Regional Milk Volumes

Reports the data you use for HAYBIS Records in the formats you want

It analyzes the regional quantitative changes for you.

Allows you to see milk potentials

Reports price changes temporally and regionally

Customer Experience

Using Arya HAYBIS Bot, Balıkesir HAYKOOP Central Union Head Faruk Özen talks about his experiences with ARYA

With Digital Employee ARYA, you can do a lot of work in less time without any mistakes. Balıkesir HAYKOOP uses Digital Employee Arya for its producer records. Arya automatically processes thousands of data into the HAYBIS system without any errors. BALIKESİR HAYKOOP Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Faruk Özen, who broke new ground among producer organizations, also set an example for many companies in the ISO 500 list.