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Hi, I'm Arya!


I can help you to find the best tender opportunities.

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Arya doesn't miss the tender opportunities

Don't waste time and money on bureaucratic and challenging processes so as not to miss tender opportunities. Do not miss the tender opportunities by hiring Arya.

  • Local & Global Tender Tracking, Bidding

  • Open, Selective, Negotiated Tendering

Don't waste time downloading files

Directing tenders to the right people/departments within the company is one of Arya's favorite taks. Don't waste time directing tenders.

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Arya reaches all tenders with a single password

Arya can access all tenders in a fast, complete and timely manner with a single password. You don't have to define additional users.


From the moment we started working with Digital Tender Assistant Arya, our tender processes have accelerated. Work that take days are now completed within hours. We started to catch new opportunities more easily by shifting the workload to Arya.

Seçil Bozbey, Tender Specialist

How to Hire Arya?

Arya is an artificial intelligence technology that does not require installation, developed according to a remote and flexible working system. You can easily hire Arya and have them work as much as you need. Sign up and try the Beta version. 

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