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Grow your company with digital workers

Arya does all the routine office work

Digital workers are skilled and cost-efficient

Digital Tender Finder

Increase company revenues by reaching qualified tenders on time by transferring the tender processes to Arya.

  • Investigates domestic and foreign tender resources,

  • Downloads the tender files, opens the Zip file, and evaluates the conformity of the documents inside,

  • Sends the tender files to the relevant person within the company.

Digital Price Analyst

Transfer the work of collecting product/price information, monitoring competitors, and analyzing market trends to Arya. Make competitive decisions.


  • Prepare comparison tables,

  • Searches for local and foreign sources of information,

  • It collects offers to the purchasing unit.

Digital Data Processor

Where incorrect or delayed data entries are made, transfer critical work to Arya that caused penal sanctions or damage. Protect the company from financial losses, evaluate employees in different areas.

Digital Trader

Transfer the business of gaining competitive advantage in foreign trade and following the rivals closely to Arya. Spend the time that you save on your company.


Digital Research Assistant

Transfer to Arya the job of accessing up-to-date information sources, content search, editing, and listing for your hobby, professional or commercial activities. Create more value with the time savings you get.

  • Searches information sources in the desired languages,

  • Prepares newsletters and sends e-mails to you or customers,

  • Makes shares on social media accounts

How to Hire Arya?

Arya is an artificial intelligence technology that does not require installation, developed according to a remote and flexible working system. You can easily hire Arya and have them work as much as you need. Sign up and try the Beta version. 

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